Is the Keeping It Real Fit coaching program right for me?

Keeping It Real Fit online fitness and nutrition coaching is ideal for the busy woman who wants to get in better shape, have more energy, eat better and be more active, yet struggle to find time and motivation to do so.  

The coaching programs are designed for each person's individual goals and schedule.  You will have an accountability partner (me) for the duration of the program to guide you to your goals.  Major areas covered will be food, fitness, mindset, habits, sleep, stress, your environment and support system.   


How is Keeping It Real Fit coaching different than other diet or fitness programs?

Keeping It Real Fit is not a diet or fitness plan.  It is tested habit-based coaching that focuses on nutrition, fitness and habits that gets results. 

This program is not about recipes, meal plans or workout routines (although you do get those).  There's a heavy focus on mindset and habits.  These are crucial elements to successful sustainable weight management.  

"Your body will follow your mind"

Your mind controls your behaviour, hence forming good habits is key to your transformation.  My job is to prepare you mentally for real life situations that may hinder your progression.

It's widely known that having a trusted accountability partner is crucial to staying on course and motivated.  You will have me as your dedicated accountability partner for the entire duration of your program vs a sea of people in online groups.  Think of me as your wing woman!

The private 1:1 coaching is conducted virtually via Zoom, Skype (or other video technology).  Virtual coaching is a growing trend that is effective, convenient and saves you time.

Click here for more information on the program details.


Is there going to be a restrictive diet?

No.  There's no calorie counting or deprivation.  You will get to eat what you enjoy, and no, you will not starve!  

You will learn about nutrition and eating habits that will arm you with the knowledge on what to eat, what to minimize, how best to prepare meals, when to eat, quantities, and more.  You'll get a flexible meal planner which offers you a variety of meals and grocery lists for your liking.  Keeping It Real Fit will work with your particular dietary requirements.  E.g. allergies, likes/dislikes, cultural foods, vegetarian, gluten free, etc.


Will I have to join a gym?

Not unless you want to.  You can do your fitness routines in your home, outdoors or in any small space.


What kind of fitness equipment will I need?

For the strength training, you'll need two sets of dumbbells (one lighter, one heavier - - weights will depend on your skill level).  For the rest of the routines, you won't need equipment as you'll be using your own body weight.


I already have a gym membership.  If I join Keeping It Real Fit, should I cancel my gym membership?

Not unless you want to.  You can do all the fitness routines at home.  However, if you'd like to use the gym for your fitness routines, then by all means, keep the membership.


How much do I have to work-out during the week?

Depending on your goals, the workouts will vary between 20-40 minutes each, 3-4 times/week.  You get a wide variety of custom designed workouts with compound movements (working multiple body parts at the same time), so you get the best bang for your time.  The routines are short, efficient and effective!


I'm a newbie at working out.  Will this program work for me?

Yes.  You'll get a customized program for your fitness level, designed specifically for you.


Will I have to cook separate meals for my family?

Most likely you don't need to cook a separate meal (unless your family members have particular dietary requirements).  You'll learn how to adapt recipes to meet your goals.


I'm vegetarian/vegan/pescatarian/gluten free.  Will this program work for me?

Yes.  We will work with any dietary requirements.


I don't cook.  Will this program work for me?

To live a healthier lifestyle, it's best to cook your own food as much as possible so you can control what goes into your meals.  If you don't cook at all, you have the option to add on a "Cooking 101" package to get your feet wet around the kitchen and the grocery store.  


I don't need to lose any weight.  I just want to maintain my weight.  Is this program right for me?

Yes.  At the core, Keeping It Real Fit teaches people how to sustain a healthy lifestyle and a healthy weight for life so you'll never have to "diet" again.


What's the time commitment for the coaching program?

There's a minimum 3-month commitment.  Keeping It Real Fit coaching is committed to transforming your body and your life. Real change doesn't happen in just a few weeks.  Committing to a change takes time and a bit of patience.  You have the option to continue month-to-month after your third month.  See program details here.


What are the program details and costs?

Packages will vary depending on client needs and length of program.  See program details here.


Are the coaching programs in person?

The programs are 1:1 and conducted online.  We will connect weekly via Zoom, Skype or other video technology (it's just like having me there)!  

Optional: if you live in the Toronto, Canada area, we can arrange to meet in person if necessary.


Is the coaching program available for anyone in the world?

Yes.  All you need is internet access.  


What if I travel quite a bit?  Will this program work for me?

Yes.  As long as you have internet access.


What time zone are you in?

I am in the Eastern Standard Time (EST).  For international sessions or frequent travellers, best efforts will be made to accommodate both parties.


Do you have a corporate wellness program or small group programs?

Yes.  Please contact me for details.

For any other questions, please contact me at or connect with me on the Contact page.