What is Keeping It Real Fit all about?

To help women have the best chance to live a happier, healthier, higher quality of life.

The catch-22 is that many women are so busy building a business or building their resume´ AND taking care of the family, that often times the real sacrifice is their own health.

The catch-22 is that many women are so busy building a business or building their resume´ AND taking care of the family, that often times the real sacrifice is their own health.

Whether you run your own business, work for a business or run your household, busy women understand how challenging it is to balance your work life with your personal life AND stay fit.

Most of us know what we should be eating, or that we should be exercising more, or we should take time off to pamper ourselves.  So why is this so hard to do?

It's because most people ask the "What" questions first.  Such as "What do I need to do to lose weight?"  When the first question should be "Why do I want to lose weight?" 


Keeping it real isn't simply in the name. It's a philosophy.  It's about ensuring you're set up for success by setting realistic goals and realistic habits to get you to the next level.  It is NOT one size fits all.

We keep it real and individualized by starting with a mindful and heart-centered approach, digging into "Why" you want to achieve your health goal.  Uncovering the real "Why's" pave the clear pathway for the "How" questions.  Such as "How will we achieve your Why goals?"  After mapping out the "How" strategies, we then move into "What" needs to be done. Such as "What should I be eating or what exercises should I be doing?"

Our coaching sessions will be steeped in real honest 1:1 conversations that get to the root matters and developing realistic food, fitness and mindset solutions that meet you where you're at.  It's about making food, fitness and self-care choices that fit you and your lifestyle and not the other way around.

It doesn't matter what your starting point is at.  What matters is that you have the desire to feel better and become better.

This doesn't mean deprivation - it means making smart choices.  Some of the busy women Keeping It Real Fit works with include doctors, entrepreneurs, scientists, nurses, and corporate professionals.

Keeping It Real Fit is not a diet or a fitness plan.  It is habit coaching focused on nutrition, fitness and self-care.  The programs are based on a proven methodology to help change lives for good, without having to completely uproot your life!  

Keeping It Real Fit understands that not all women want to look like Wonder Woman (though deep down we all are wonder women).  Nor do we all have time to work out at the gym 5 days a week.  Or maybe gyms aren't your thing. Nor are kale salads and green smoothies for everyone.  You get the gist.

Keeping it real also means enjoying the process of getting in shape. Joy is often an overlooked emotion when it comes to staying fit.  Which means:

  • Kiss dieting good-bye forever
  • Forget about counting calories and scales 
  • No need to slave for hours in the kitchen
  • No need to live in the gym
  • Unconditionally love your inner and outer self
  • Celebrating progress

Many diet and exercise plans fail because they don't align with one's existing lifestyle, likes/dislikes, schedule, natural tendencies, life stage, environments, and a host of other factors that influence a healthy well-being.  It's very difficult to stick to a food or fitness plan if it's unenjoyable, a chore or is unrealistic for you to keep up.

Keep It Real or it won't keep!

At Keeping It Real Fit coaching, I start with a thorough assessment to understand your day-in-the-life-of.  Together, our goal will be to build up healthy habits that suit YOUR lifestyle and busy schedule.  

It's a collaborative approach (with you), involving continuous assessments, accountability and iterative action plans to get you to your goal at your pace.  

As your accountability partner, I will frequently revisit the plan with you to track progression and tweak along the way as you progress.

The goal is to make these habits effortless, so that you're armed with the skills, mindset and routines to forever manage your healthy weight - - even on the most challenging days.  

In many ways, this is the crux of the Keeping It Real Fit program.  Your success at achieving your health goals lie within the gaps.  Meaning, you'll be prepared mentally, emotionally and physically for your typical day AND the days that go awry that will challenge you to eat and move well. 

"The mission is to make healthy living joyful and effortless."


You're in the right place if:

  • You've decided you're ready to make a positive change to your body (E.g. lose weight, get stronger, boost your energy)
  • You're looking for a program that believes good nutrition and fitness is for everyone regardless of your starting point
  • You're looking for a program that fits your lifestyle and schedule and not the other way around
  • You believe it's never too late to get healthier

  • You want to portray a positive image for your business by looking and feeling darn good on stage, online, on TV, in photos, in meetings 
  • You're committed to make changes for the long-run (not just to look good for a wedding day)

  • You sometimes worry that if you continue your current lifestyle, that a health scare is just around the corner

  • You're feeling a bit excited about taking this journey to a healthier, happier and more free you


This is not the right place for you if:

  • You kinda, sorta want to change

  • You're unwilling to try new habits (even teeny tweaks)

  • You believe you're stuck in your ways and can't change

  • You're looking for a quick fix or simply want to lose weight for a wedding day

  • You're looking for a shoulder to whine on  


Are you in the right place?  Find out how the Keeping It Real Fit program can help you get the body you want.  There will never be a better time to start than NOW.