Are you a busy woman?

A mover-and-shaker?

Someone who makes things happen?


You can manage your work.

You can manage the home.


Yet you’re frustrated because the one area you struggle to manage, is your weight.


You want to feel good and look good.

You want to get in better shape.

You want more energy.


You try to eat better and exercise.

Yet find it difficult to consistently eat healthily and can't spend hours at the gym.


You want balance.


You're tired of losing a few pounds, just to eventually gain it back.

You constantly struggle to lose the body fat.

You want off this rollercoaster.


You're ready to unleash the leaner, stronger you within.  For good.


Lose weight

Losing those extra pounds would mean...

  • no more trying on multiple outfits in the morning because nothing fits right
  • having more energy to carry you through the day
  • looking good and feeling more confident in your own skin
  • having a body and life you love
  • going from feeling "meh" to "magnificent"

Mimie Louie, Certified Nutrition Coach, Pn1 Certified, Certified Personal Trainer, PTS

Mimie Louie, Certified Nutrition Coach, Pn1 Certified, Certified Personal Trainer, PTS

Hi, I'm Mimie.

So glad you found me!

I'm a Certified Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer.  I teach busy women how to eat better, move better, and feel more confident.

I help women make CHANGE.  Whether your goal is to lose body fat, get stronger, or simply feel better and more energized,  I can help you get there.

You've got a lot going on with work, family, friends, hobbies, etc.  Sometimes it seems overwhelming to even think about taking care of YOURSELF.  

The reality is, you must take care of yourself first in order to take care of everyone and everything else that matters in your life.  

It's difficult to enjoy everything in life when you don't feel good in your body.

My goal is to help women make positive changes that will stick for life.  I teach busy women how to eat better without deprivation, move better without spending hours working out and ultimately feel better in their skin.  The best part?  Change CAN happen quickly without taking over your life.

Keeping It Real Fit provides online nutrition coaching and personal training for women. You get flexible support and accountability, plus a custom designed program to fit your busy lifestyle.  Getting healthy shouldn’t feel like a chore.  Get fit on your schedule, and not someone else's. 

We all need a wing woman once in a while.

Ready to make change?