I was out with a couple of girlfriends last night when our conversation turned to minimalism.  Last summer I purged my closets and donated about 75% of my wardrobe.  I never thought I would say this...but it felt fantastic to release all the unused, some unworn clothing.  It was simply excessive and I'm really hoping that someone else is enjoying some gently used clothing.  

Surprisingly, it has been over a year now and I have not purchased one single item of new clothing.  What's even more surprising is that I don't mind.  In fact, I rather enjoy having white space in my closet.  

This exercise in decluttering and purging was a good reminder that quality over quantity rules.  It made it easier for me to decide which pair of jeans to pull on when I only have one or two pairs vs six or seven.  Less lower-value decision making is good.  It means that the process is right and allows me to make fewer decisions.  Which means I release brainpower for higher-value thinking.  

So back to my night out.  One of my girlfriends suggested that she would love to just have her 12 things.  These would be the 12 things that you cannot let go of.  So I decided to peek into my closet.  This exercise would force me to be deliberate and scrutinize what gets added, stays or leaves my closet.  I LOVE this idea.

Which obviously got me thinking.  What would be my 12 things?

This is what I came up with:

A great pair of fitted jeans.

A perfectly fitted baby tee.

A super comfy hoodie.

A form-fitting LBD.

A pair of classic Mary Jane black pumps.

A pair of awesome sneakers.

A good all-season jacket.

Flattering tights.

Good cross-trainers.

A big scarf

An all-purpose handbag.

A great pair of sunglasses.

Woman shopping.jpeg

In North America, we live in abundance which comes hand-in-hand with being a first world nation.  I'm not complaining.  However, it is so easy to get excessive.  When I went through my decluttering phase, I asked myself, why did I need to accumulate so much?  Why do I need umpteenth pairs of black pumps (yet only wear one favourite pair)?  Why do I need all these clothes (when I only wear about 20% of my closet)? And don't even get me started on make-up, lotions and potions.  I keep buying more when I haven't even cracked open the last bottle!  Ladies, you know what I'm talking about.

Going through the 12 things exercise made me reflect upon myself and ask why did I need so much material stuff?  The sobering answer is "I don't".  

What would be on your list of 12?  Email me and let me know.