When I was in my 20’s and early 30’s, I never thought about my age.  I always looked younger than I was, likely due to genetics. 

At 35, it started getting harder to maintain a great shape without working at it.  So I paid more attention to what I was eating and took my fitness up a notch.  

Then when I hit 40, it was a bit of an adjustment for me.  Forty.  I had to sit with that for a while.  It was more of a mental hurdle to get over than anything else. 

Some of us get stuck in our heads with THE NUMBER.  Forty happened to be that number for me.  In hindsight, I would tell that younger self of mine to focus more on “how young you are” vs “how old you are”.

The 40’s are proving to be a game-changing decade for me.  In my early 40’s, I decided to make a big career shift.  I had a successful marketing career in the corporate world.  I was fortunate to have worked for great companies and met amazing people.  But as I got wiser, I realized that I wanted to serve the world in a different way in my second, third and perhaps fourth acts.

So I pivoted.  

I consciously left the corporate world.  It was one of the biggest, scariest decisions I ever made in my life.  One of those fork in the road moments that would write an alternate ending to my story and how I’ll impact this world.  I decided to follow my heart and started my own Fitness and Nutrition Coaching business for busy women.  I help ambitious busy women take better care of themselves, so that they can take better care of their business and personal life.  I want these like-minded and like-hearted women to live strong through their second, third and fourth acts in life.

It’s never too late to get healthier.


Now at 45, I am in the best shape of my life.  I feel stronger than ever - both physically and mentally.   As I reflect, I believe all the ups and downs in life up to my 40th year was in rehearsal, leading up to my second act.  The second act - a time to share, serve, receive and dispel our wisdom.  This is when the star shines even brighter.  

The funny thing is, it was easier turning 45 than 40.  Hmmm.  I like where this is going…